The Rant of a Tree-Hugging Hippie

I often think (in my moments of hippie existentialism) about how the earth has been here for far longer than any of us have and how it will be here long after we are gone. So how dare we as humans think we have the right to claim and abuse our planet. This particular thought came to mind today as I took a trip to the beach. Upon arriving I found an insane amount of trash scattered all across the beach. This was not your average litter bug scenario; I’m talking garbage bags filled with bottles and food and plastic containers just dumped all up and down the beach. What the actual fuck! I was furious to say the least, I mean what kind of person creates all this waste and just leaves it laying around like that??? Again, maybe it’s just the tree-hugging hippie that I am but human beings need to have way more respect for nature. Mother nature is so much stronger and awe inspiring than anything on this planet. As we become a society ever more obsessed with our technology we lose touch with our connection to nature and when we lose that connection we stop recognizing our planet for what it truly is. And hey, planet earth doesn’t have let us abuse her like this. She is the only planet that we know of so far that has the specialized conditions for human life! She’s one in a million and it’s time we start treating her like it. I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t be an asshole, pick up your damn trash!

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