Young and Clueless

Young and clueless…is the name of this blog! Why? Well because I am 20-years-old, which makes me relatively young, and because I have no clue what I’m doing, which makes me a girl without a clue.

A little about me. I’m a part-time college student living a remarkably unextraordinary life at home with her parents. After high school I left home to pursue my dreams of becoming a broadway actress and ended up attending art school in Chicago. Despite my love of Chicago and the incredible friends I made there, life had another less exciting plan for me. Instead of living my big city dreams I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had to come home. Yay! So I come home, severely depressed and excited to live out my high school fears of staying stuck in my home town. Once I got past the drama of it all it wasn’t all that bad. Sure, I attend a shitty community college and I still sleep in my childhood bedroom, but it turns out that the universe never lets you go with plan A. Through the help of therapy and some fun medications I’ve learned to embrace plan B. In the past year I’ve discovered my passion for learning which has lead me to seek a career in museum studies. However, school is kind of hard for an emotionally imbalanced girl with dyslexia. Regardless, I’m chugging my way along towards a degree (hey C’s get degrees). I’ve also used my skills of persuasion to wrangle myself a job working at the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton, which is pretty cool! I am definitely not an astronomer, however I do work in the gift sop and I give historical tours. I get to show people the giant telescope and I got my own set of keys to the whole place so I’m pretty next level. Up on the mountain they have some really amazing scientists working up doing real science shit!

So that’s my brief life story!

Ultimately this blog is meant to be honest. I want to talk about real things the way people actually experience them. I’m a human person and that means things get pretty messy. I’m no “Eat, Pray, Love” lady, I’m just young and clueless and I’d like to bring you along for the crazy adventure.

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